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Double Cone Valve

Double Flap valves work as a substitute of Rotary Airlocks i.e. to allow flow of dust and maintain airlock across the valve. It is most suitable for handling highly abrasive and gritty materials along with high vacuum across the valve. The mechanism involes Two small hoppers are mounted in-line and with some space between them in an air-tight casing. Two sets of flaps/ cones are set against the discharge openings of the hoppers.

The flaps or cones are held on arms that are fulcrummed on two shafts.The counter weight is so selected that the flaps / cones close tightly against the seat rings fitted at the discharge end of the hoppers to avoid leakage. The flap/ cone mounting on the connecting arms self aligning type to make the sealing airtight. that alternately turns the two shafts by some degree.

T as the top flap/cone lowers, material above it drops to fill the intermediate chamber. Now the top flap/cone closes and after some pause the bottom flap/cone opens to allow the material to pass out of the valve. The above mechanism ensures that any one flap/cone remains closed at any point of time thereby ensuring airlock across the valve.


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