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Venturi Scrubber

Venturi Scrubber
Designed using latest technology, the Venturi scrubbers are are used to collect both particulate and gaseous pollutants, but they are more effective in removing particles from gaseous pollutants. The venturi scrubbers are sturdy and easy to maintain & operate, the entire range is known for high performance and is a cost effective way to remove impurities and contaminants from air.

Concept : (This process is called atomization )

The subsequent turbulence of the water caused by its impaction with the high velocity air stream breaks the water into relatively minute particles & thoroughly mixes with the dust particles in the air stream. The clean air is vented out and the collected solids are precipitated downward to the slurry discharge or are retained for re-circulation in a recycling tank.

We manufacture venturi scrubber with these specifications,

Capacity : 1000m3/hr 200000m3/hr
Pressure Drop : 100mmWG 150mmWG
Particle Size Scrubbed : upto 3 microns

Depending upon application requirements, Venturi Scrubbers can be equipped with flexible throats, tangential liquid entries, weir entries and flooding nozzles.

Main Salient Features

• Venturi Scrubber is high efficient dust collector and achieves outlet dust concentration less than 100 mg/Nm3
• It can handle high temperature gases with out any problem.
• There are no spray nozzle or distribute plate in which solids can collect. Hence maintenance is negligible.
• Low water requirement as it is re-circulated.
• Low cost build and operate
• Space saving due to compact design and build.


Steel Industry
Blast Furnace, Electric Arc Furnace, BOF, etc

Fertilizer Industry
Phosphate Rock Dryers & Calciners, Dryers

Copper Reverberatory Furnace, Laea Blast Furnace

Pulp & Paper
Lime Kilns, Back Liquor Recovery, Bark Boilers

Sugar Industry
Boiler Flue Gas, Bagging Section

Mineral Products
Asphalt Stone Dryers, Cement Kilns

Tablet Coating

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