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Emirates Steel Abudhabi ( is operating one of the most modern integrated steel plants in UAE and has eight installations of dust scrubbing system supplied by a European company. The customer was facing continuous problem of choking and the dust was not getting collected completely which affected plant productivity. They approached us for a solution to this problem.

After visiting the site and studying the systems we could find that the systems were working to only 60 to 70% of efficiency as the capacity calculations taken were 50% and equipment design was also not in sync with the production system. The customer initially gave us the task of rectification of one system which we completed successfully after which they gave us the next three jobs. Satisfied with the results we were given the responsibility of rectifying the balance four systems as well.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd ( Pondicherry plant makes detergents and soaps. The plant had got the boiler fuel feed system converted from oil fired to briquette fired by a leading boiler manufacturer in India. However the switchover in the fuel system did not work to the satisfaction of the customer and they faced severe problems with the fuel feed system.

Karyasiddhi was called to find a solution to the problem. We worked on it and not only resolved the issue but saved 40HP in the process much to the delight of the customer.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd ( Chiplun plant makes detergents and soaps. The customer had embarked on a production augmentation program with only a few modifications in the existing plant. Karyasiddhi was entrusted the job of studying the dust collection systems in place and provide the solution.

We accepted the task and after going to through the equipments in operation, suggested modifications in few subassemblies and complete replacement of one equipment. Our solution was accepted and we implemented the changes to the satisfaction of the customer. The production capacity went up by 50% and we are happy to be part of the team in this achievement of our customer.

Bridgestone ( is a world leader in tyre technology with a presence in India. The customer was setting up a second manufacturing plant in India at Chakan, Pune in the state of Maharashtra. The Greenfield project was being set up based on Japanese Technology. The team of technical experts wanted the Dust Scrubbing system to be designed and properly aligned to the production process. Therefore the vendor of the dust collection system was expected to have a thorough knowledge of the entire tyre manufacturing process.

We submitted our designs and solutions and got the mandate to execute the project because our calculations and designs were in line with the Japanese project consultant report. What’s more Karyasiddhi was the only supplier to fulfill the client expectation on the vendor having the knowledge of tyre making process.

Procter&Gamble India Ltd ( as part of their indigenization process, wanted to replace the Japanese vendor of Dust collection system in their Sanitary Napkin plant by an Indian manufacturer. There were several contenders who were asking for six months for the delivery. P&G finalized on Karyasiddhi based on committed delivery period of two months. However, the equipment was delivered in one and half months which ensured their productivity targets. What’s more we completed the project at a more reasonable cost than the overseas supplier.

Vikram Ispat Ltd is a leading sponge iron producer in India and has its manufacturing facility in Maharashtra. The customer was facing problems in the existing dust collection system. The system efficiency was decreasing due to choking of filter bags. They entrusted Karyasiddhi to study the problem and improve efficiency.

Our Engineers worked on the problems and suggested to replace the pulse jet bag filter with a venture scrubber which was accepted by the customer. We implemented the solution and the efficiency of the system improved to 99% and the choking problem was totally eliminated.

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