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Fixed Surface Aerator

Fixed Surface Aerator
We manufacture vertical shaft surface aerators that provide a mechanical means of oxygen transfer to sewage or industrial effluent for treatment.

The fixed type aerators are mounted on a RCC or M. S. platform to the ground. The impeller is conical and the RPM of the aerator range from 45-60. The construction material of the aerator can be carbon steel construction or stainless steel construction as per the client’s requirement.

Our surface aerators can be installed in any configuration within aeration lanes thereby enhancing treatment capabilities from small communities to major installations.

These units can also be offered in fixed and floating aeration options. In floating aerators, the device is supported on floating pontoons which are interconnected through a steel frame forming floating platform around the aerator.


• Fertilizer Industry
Phosphate Rock Dryers & Calciners, Dryers

• Pulp & Paper
Lime Kilns, Back Liquor Recovery, Bark Boilers

• Sugar Industry
Boiler Flue Gas, Bagging Section

• Mineral Products
Asphalt Stone Dryers, Cement Kilns

• Pharmaceuticals and chemicals

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