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Fume Scrubbing System

Fume Scrubbing
Fumes generated during manufacturing process have to be treated before letting it out in air. Chemical and Fertilizer industry for instance generate gases and acidic fumes due to chemical reaction which needs to be controlled at source, scrubbed and let out as clean air in the atmosphere.

KARYSIDDHI Fume Scrubbing Systems are designed to exacting specifications and tailored to client manufacturing process.

The Commonly used equipment is Packed Bed Scrubber which is filled with packing material like polypropylene pall ring while providing more surface area for contact of gas & liquid. Gas/fumes are sucked from the bottom; liquid is sprayed from the top. When the gas & liquid come in contact with each other, liquid may absorb the gas or it may react with gas. With this gas transfers to liquid and clean air is let out. Based on gas, scrubbing liquid can be water or alkaline solution like NaOH or Na2CO3. Since the gases are corrosive in nature material of construction is PP FRP, PVC FRP or only FRP.

Based on the capacity of the system the size of the scrubber, packing height, flow rate of scrubbing liquid are decided. Efficiency of system generally may vary from 90% to 99%.

KARYASIDDHI offers the following solutions for your Fume Scrubbing requirements.

Venturi Scrubber
Packed bed Scrubber
Cyclone Scrubber


Steel Industry
Blast Furnace, Electric Arc Furnace, BOF, etc

Fertilizer Industry
Phosphate Rock Dryers & Calciners, Dryers

Copper Reverberatory Furnace, Laea Blast Furnace

Pulp & Paper
Lime Kilns, Back Liquor Recovery, Bark Boilers

Sugar Industry
Boiler Flue Gas, Bagging Section

Mineral Products
Asphalt Stone Dryers, Cement Kilns

Tablet Coating

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