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Water Pollution Control System

Water Pollution Control System
Any effluent weather it is industry or municipal needs to be treated to control suspended solids, PH, BOD, COD, dissolved solids to prescribed level.Effluent-Treatment

This is generally done by equalization, setting aeration and filtration etc. Based on the nature solid & load various equipment’s are used. Generally based equipment’s are clarifiers


Steel Industry
Blast Furnace, Electric Arc Furnace, BOF, etc

Fertilizer Industry
Phosphate Rock Dryers & Calciners, Dryers

Copper Reverberatory Furnace, Laea Blast Furnace

Pulp & Paper
Lime Kilns, Back Liquor Recovery, Bark Boilers

Sugar Industry
Boiler Flue Gas, Bagging Section

Mineral Products
Asphalt Stone Dryers, Cement Kilns

Tablet Coating

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